About Us

In feudal Japan, Ronin were the Samurai that were bound to no master; these individuals answered to no lord and dictated their own destiny, their own path


With that in mind, the team at Ronin understands that in today’s rapidly changing world, life’s daily challenges keep getting more complicated and our adventures are becoming more extreme. Similar to the Ronin of feudal Japan, we believe that we must forge our own path in order to overcome these obstacles.  

Our mission, at Ronin is to continually develop uniquely innovative products that will transform the way you work, play, and live while enabling you to embark on adventures that you never thought possible. More importantly, we build products that will not only stand the test of time, but will also surpass your expectations whether you’re scaling a mountain or simply chopping down a tree.  Regardless of how you choose to utilize our equipment, you’ll quickly realize that there is no better feeling than the freedom to master your world.  

So let your imagination run wild, become your own Master, and eliminate your boundaries.

Our Team

Bryant Bertrand

Co-founder and Shogun of Grand Design

Bryant is passionate about the outdoors and nature conservation. He would love to go on an Alaskan moose hunt for his next adventure in 2017.  What inspired him to "Change His Elevation" was the opportunity to lead a world class team hell-bent on changing the world.


Marc Gonfiotti

Co-Founder and Shinobi of Innovation

Marc’s idea of a perfect day is snowboarding in the morning and surfing in the evening. He would love to travel around the world, hitting some of the greatest mountain and surf breaks. He is determined to forge a path that will enable the rest of the world to “Change” the way they think and live.


Ryan Estrada

Daimyo of Operations

Ryan believes that nature and the outdoors are the greatest aspects of life. If he’s not enjoying a view, then he’s signing up for his next “Tough Mudder” or mud run. His "Elevation" is based on his own goals; if he has already reached them, then they aren't set high enough.


Jeff Wilson

Daijo-daijin of Communications

Jeff's idea of adventure is to run marathons and ultras. He has set his sight on climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in the spring of 2017. Jeff attributes a “Change in His Elevation” to conceiving and building skateboard parks in Bagdad, Iraq in 2008.